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Ethical Sourcing and Fairtrade

“Despite years of auditing and retailer codes of conduct, many are now moving away from policing to constructively engaging suppliers and capacity building” Ethical Corporation.

How can a purchasing manager whose principle task is to negotiate down prices with suppliers combine this with championing ethical practice, which may increase the labour costs of the supplier whose costs are already being squeezed? Traidcraft and ETI have shown thats by changing purchasing practices, both aims can be met.

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Case Study:

PSI have supported Blue Skies to develop Fairtrade, Ethical Policies and Sustainability Programmes.

"PSI are in the vanguard of the sustainability battle and are well-positioned to assist businesses supplying food to supermarkets to meet, even exceed their demands for ethical, environmental and business continuity transparency.

PSI have worked with Blue Skies for many years to consolidate our leading sustainability position. PSI work with food suppliers to turn sustainability KPI’s from red to green."

Stephan Morris, Blue Skies

We offer Practical Help In:

  • Gaining Fairtrade certification
  • Conducting ethical audits/ resolution of corrective actions
  • Moving from box ticking audits to making a real difference
  • Finding a way through the myriad of schemes and avoiding duplication
  • Capacity building and training

How can this benefit my business?

The ISEAL 100 Survey of Thought Leader Views on Sustainability Standards in 2010 concluded that 66% of companies use either Fairtrade, FSC, MSC, Rainforest or an organic standard (ISEAL survey), with benefits of:

Frustrations mentioned include the cost involved in using standards, a lack of effectiveness of individual systems and the complexity and overlap in the standards systems landscape. Still, half of all respondents speak out against a “catch-all ecolabel.” Many encourage harmonisation and order among existing standards.

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How can my business benefit?

How can my business benefit?

The ISEAL 100 Survey of Thought Leader Views on Sustainability Standards in 2010.

Business benefit from ethical